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Power Wheels Derby

Tuesday, August 13th at 11:00 in front of the Grandstands

1 .This is supposed to be fun for the kids, parents please let them have fun! Judges can rule that children won't participate if there are modifications to the car more than those allowed that are stated below!

2. Kids 3-10 years of age may participate. Two age groups: 3-5 and6-l O years (if we have too many kids, otherwise we will run one heat)

3. Derby is limited to 6 to 12 volt power wheels ONLY. No connecting multiple batteriestogether. (This makes the power wheel move too fast, and makes it unsafe)

4. No added reinforcements forstrength.

5. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges. Use zip ties or duct tape (or other flexible products) to make them stayshut.

6. Stock tires only. No screws in tires, no chains,etc.

7. Do NOT raise or lower. They must be the stock height that came from the store.

8. The vehicle is allowed to have UP TO a 12 volt lawn mower or motorcycle battery. Battery cannot be mounted in the passenger seat, and the battery must be secured and sealed away from thechild.

9. Decorative changes can be made to the Power Wheels to make it look like a derby car,however, there can be no reinforcement to the Power Wheels. Changes and additions can ONLY be header pipes sticking up, painting the car, etc.
Each Power Wheels will have four balloons attached to the corners of the Power Wheels. When all four of your balloons are deflated, your done...(Please stay in your Car)

10. Helmets are mandatory; bicycle helmet is okay.

11. Shoes or sneakers required. NO sandals.

12. Must have a seat belt. And use it!

13. No passengers.

14. Everyone must pre-register. They will run to the end, the last three running will (ONLY) receive a trophy, First, Second, and Third Place.

15. When choosing a Power Wheels for your child, please keep in mind these vehicles will be running into each other (like bumper cars or derby cars). The Power Wheels needs to be the kind ¢e child sits IN, not ON. And they need to be seat belted INTO thecar.

16. No4WHEELERS, TRACTORS,MOTORCYCLES.....must beavehicle theysitIN,notON..... 17. Everyonemustpaygateadmission to the fair(orhave a season pass).

DERBY ENTRY FEE... .$5.00 There is no deadline for entries, event will start ON TIME. Entries will take place on the stage day of event. Derby will start at 11 am sharp.
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